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Cheng Ming Heat Transfer Factory

Company Profile
We would like to introduce oursfel as the iron-on heat transfer motif factory located in Guangzhou China.

We specialize in manufacturing and providing hot fix rhinestone, rhinestuds, nailhead, pearls motifs and some other heat transfer products,we also wholesale a broad of rhinestone hot-fix,ring stone hot-fix,pasco hot-fix,cut-matallic hot-fix,DDR hot-fix,modern cut hot-fix,rhinestud hot-fix,half round hot-fix and nailheads. Our products have special style and virous colors which are widely suitable for all kinds of garments,handbags,shoes,caps,socks,and gloves ectĄ­

We also give an assurance customers of fastest services and best prices than any other suppliers.

If you have any inquiry or need samples and catalogue,please feel free to tell us.

We are convinced that our new product will help you in your business!

Contact Us
Company: Cheng Ming Heat Transfer Factory
Contact: Ms. Qing Xu
Address: Room 803,Zhaofeng Rd 168,Bai Yun Zone
Tel: 86 20 86423584
Fax: 86 20 86423584

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Tel : 86 20 86423584 Fax : 86 20 86423584
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